Everybody calls me Yoya, I studied Photography and Communications at The School of Arts and Spectacles in Madrid. I consider my self a lone wolf; number one fan of personal space… I dig the dark side of the moon. I love freedom, I think it’s neccesary for every creative mind… sometimes you just need to move foward.

My favorite color is black and I love spiders.

Photography is the way to express what I see and feel in my reality.

For a person, it’s a way to create memories.

For a brand, it’s a way to express their integrity, and represent what no one can feel.

For Architecture, it’s timeless.

My passion started at a very young age, since my grandfather hung all of his amazing photographs arround the house… I’m proud to express that he created the Photography Club of Mexico, back in de 50s…

I belive in the Universe and Mother Nature, that’s the only thing that I can prove exists, and gave me life.

My favorite lyrics is by Pink Floyd; I’m a traveler of both time and space,
to be where I have been

I agree with Oscar Wilde, when he said fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

I need the sea at some point during the year, but I prefer cold weather and green trees…. thats why I live in a little town inside my chaotic Mexico City named Coyoacan, and there is no way I’m moving out of here.

I’m proud to say I don’t eat meat.

I’m a happy non-married woman, but I’m sharing my life with the most wonderful human I have ever meet.

I need natural light in my daily photography job, but lately I need more than usual, so I have to build up a studio.

I grew up in a mountain outside the city which I didn’t appreciate while high-school, but as long as I remembered it was an amazing experience to live in the silence of the mountain… so I want to die in the forest, with snow in the winters and warm breeze in the summer… that’s all I’m working for…